Chocolate SMS started almost ten years ago, a course management system being written for a single language school by one of the school’s directors, an IT professional.

Over the years, as the school expanded and became British Council accredited and ISI inspected, we added new features. We knew that the system was improving our efficiency and reducing errors without increasing administrative staff numbers, and our inspections confirmed that the SMS was helping us provide a great service to students and agents, and helping us ensure safeguarding.

Two years ago it was time for the SMS to move forward - it was redeveloped in the latest web technologies to be delivered as a service from the cloud. We don’t have any servers at the school now, we just need an Internet connection to work - our school directors can manage the school whether they are at home, in the office, or on a marketing trip.

This year, Chocolate SMS was launched, a School Management System that we know works for UK language schools and continues to be developed for those schools.

improve service, save time and reduce errors
  • student enrolment
  • groups
  • bookings and payments
  • classes
  • host families and accommodation allocations
  • activities
  • staff records
follow best practice
  improve monitoring of safeguarding and help compliance with British Council / ISI / UKVI
access your data
  your data is yours - export your courses, students and bookings whenever you choose
reduce costs and remain flexible
  our fair pricing policy means you aren't paying a high annual licence cost when times are difficult, pay a monthly subscription with per student-week transaction charges
flexible working
  work from the office, home, anywhere with Internet access - CHOCOLATE SMS has a simple browser interface that you can use on your desktop or tablet
sleep better
  CHOCOLATE SMS is a cloud-based system, no need to worry about servers or backups

To start a 3-month free trial, email